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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubSecond GradePresidents CupThird GradeSecond GradePresidents CupThird Grade
Abdalla, YusufRugby Union Cricket Club Bathurst01300130
Achurch, BenBathurst City Cricket Club090090
Achurch, EthanBathurst City Cricket Club080080
Adams, ChristopherRugby Union Cricket Club Bathurst007007
Ahmed, AzharCentennials Bulls Cricket Club11001100
Albon, ChrisRugby Union Cricket Club Bathurst17001700
Ali, ShahnawazCentennials Bulls Cricket Club200200
Amaral, DavidRugby Union Cricket Club Bathurst01100110
Amin, SaqibSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Bathurst100100
Anderson, BenjaminBathurst City Colts Cricket Club01200120
Anderson, Michael JRugby Union Cricket Club Bathurst00110011
Anderson, PatrickBathurst City Colts Cricket Club020020
Anderson, Timothy JBathurst City Colts Cricket Club080080
Anderson, Timothy MBathurst City Colts Cricket Club01700170
Archer, BrettORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst01400140
Archer, OscarORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst01600160
Argent-Smith, AngusBathurst City Cricket Club060060
Argent-smith, HughSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Bathurst030030
Armstrong, BlakeORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst900900
Arthur, BlakeCentennials Bulls Cricket Club01300130
Baker, AngusBathurst City Cricket Club13001300
Baker, CampbellBathurst City Cricket Club020020
Baron, JackBathurst City Colts Cricket Club030030
Basha, PaulSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Bathurst020020
Beer, CameronBathurst Bushrangers Cricket Club010010
Begg, RupertSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Bathurst600600
bellamy, jaiCentennials Bulls Cricket Club10001000
Bennet, GBathurst City Cricket Club00150015
Bennett, JamieRugby Union Cricket Club Bathurst10001000
Bevan, WillBlayney Cricket Club003003
Bhuian, MazharulBathurst City Colts Cricket Club500500
Birch, PaulCentennials Bulls Cricket Club730730
Bird, PatrickBathurst City Colts Cricket Club400400
Black, CalleeBathurst Bushrangers Cricket Club070070
Blatch, WilBathurst City Colts Cricket Club01600160
Bondareff, ReubenCentennials Bulls Cricket Club100100
Bonham, LancePerthville Cricket Club00100010
Bonham, MitchellORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst11401140
Borgstahl, CooperORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst01600160
Borgstahl, KelseyORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst01200120
Bourke, BlakeBathurst City Colts Cricket Club580580
Bowman, KaneBathurst City Cricket Club14101410
Bracken, BenSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Bathurst110110
Brandon, jonnoPerthville Cricket Club006006
Brasier, Jayden PORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst01200120
Broes, BradSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Bathurst510510
Broes, ShaneSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Bathurst01300130
Brown, Connor CBathurst City Colts Cricket Club14001400
Brown, Samuel TBathurst City Cricket Club090090
Bryant, ClintonORC Cricket Club Inc Bathurst400400