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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1828256741553362386896282Ryan CookeSPOB's White2021/2022Second Grade6 1Centennials Bulls Cricket Club
27619797001554594386898176*Andrew SmithRugby Union Cricket Club2021/2022Second Grade11 1City Colts
3759006351553667405890375*Brad MolenkampCity Colts2021/2022Second Grade14 1SPOB's Blue
47419748711553667386898774Anthony MartinCity Colts2021/2022Second GradeGF 1Rugby Union Cricket Club
57117810821553362386896071Rupert BeggSPOB's Blue2021/2022Second Grade6 1O.R.C Cricket Club
67113361231554594386896371Kayne L VeneyRugby Union Cricket Club2021/2022Second Grade6 1Bathurst City
7658255861553362386895665Nash HutchingsSPOB's White2021/2022Second Grade5 1SPOB's Blue
86113031131554594386895861Hugh TaylorRugby Union Cricket Club2021/2022Second Grade5 1Centennials Bulls Cricket Club
9599928861553362386897159Phil WrightSPOB's White2021/2022Second Grade8 1Rugby Union Cricket Club
105811745851553362386896058*Cody HallSPOB's Blue2021/2022Second Grade6 1O.R.C Cricket Club
115610127411553667405889556Paul MorrisCity Colts2021/2022Second Grade12 1O.R.C Cricket Club
12558889311553436386898055Jay ClearyBathurst City2021/2022Second Grade11 1SPOB's Blue
135418690471553362405889954Ben SennettSPOB's Blue2021/2022Second Grade13 1O.R.C Cricket Club
145410309991554594386895854Ethan CusickRugby Union Cricket Club2021/2022Second Grade5 1Centennials Bulls Cricket Club
15539006351553667386897753Brad MolenkampCity Colts2021/2022Second Grade10 1SPOB's White
165221022011553436405890552Glen WholohanBathurst City2021/2022Second Grade14 1SPOB's White
175019797001554594386894350*Andrew SmithRugby Union Cricket Club2021/2022Second Grade1 1SPOB's White
185010048001553667386895350*Matt EgbertsCity Colts2021/2022Second Grade4 1SPOB's White
1950152019315512975386898250Jack MacleodO.R.C Cricket Club2021/2022Second Grade11 1SPOB's White
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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