How to Get a WWCC

Working With Children Checks - NSW


Who is required to get a Working With Children Check?


All Junior/Senior Coaches within the BDCA.


Who Administers it?


The agency who administers the Working With Children Checks are the Office of the Children's Guardian.

You can click here to visit the site.


How can I apply for one?


1) Apply online at


2) You will receive an application number. Make sure you indicate you are a volunteer.


3) Go to the Motor Registry with your application.


4) You will then be sent your official Working With Children Check number via Email.


5) This number must be given to your Cricket Club, who must then submit this to the Association.


This check lasts for 5 years.


Other Relevant Information


Clubs should register as an employer to be able to verify each of their volunteers.


The check is fully portable, which means it can be used for any unpaid, child-related work, as long as the worker remains cleared.